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Jobseeker Tips


June 05, 2014
WRITTEN BY: michelle

6 Tips for your First Day at Work

Congratulations! All that preparation and hard work have finally paid off and led you to where you are now—looking at your reflection on the bathroom mirror on your first day of work. You are understandably nervous and excited. You feel like a kid again on your first day of school. Only this time, you won’t be seeing old classmates but new faces who will be your colleagues.

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Professionalism 101

As kids, we often have dreams of going “pro” when we grow up. You could have been thinking of being a professional basketball player sinking a crucial 3-point shot, a pilot flying a jet plane over the city or even an entrepreneur overseeing a business empire. Being a professional is... Read More...

5 Soft Skills That Can Win You That Job

In getting tips about effective job search, much focus is often piled on the perfect resume, the right way to dress, and answering those tricky interview questions. There is however, another set of skills that is crucial in cinching that job or promotion: the soft skills.

Hard sk...

Bring on the crazies

Imagine that you’re in a formal job interview. You are dressed in your shiny new shoes and you look spanking in your new suit. You think you’re killing the interview because you just answered that your greatest weakness is that' you're freakishly organized and OC (for that a... Read More...